Testing and Certification for Metal Forgings

As a preferred nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings strives to provide customers with the highest possible quality of forged products. Through a series of non destructive testing as well as destructive testing services, Philadelphia Forgings is able to guarantee exceptional forgings, whether they are stainless steel forgings, titanium forgings, aluminum forgings, etc. Furthermore, Philadelphia Forgings offers original mill certification of chemistry and compliance with customer specifications.

Non Destructive Testing for Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings offers non destructive testing (NDT) services which include X-Ray, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant testing. These tests assure that a forging is sound and free of any flaws or mechanical defects. Non destructive testing is a valuable service because NDT does not destroy the part nor compromise its soundness, which makes it a more cost-effective testing method for many types of forgings.

Destructive Testing for Forgings

Destructive testing services offered by Philadelphia Forgings include charpy impact, tensile, stress rupture, and grain size as well as macro and micro. Destructive testing applies measured, controlled forces until the test piece fails. A test piece may be obtained by ordering an extra forging or by creating an extra test coupon as well as by forging a prolongation of the workpiece which is removed after forging is complete. While destructive testing does destroy the product, it is more easily performed, provides a larger amount of information about the part, and yields results that are easier to interpret.

Forging Quality Certification

Philadelphia Forgings provides customers with the certifications of a forging’s mechanical and chemical properties. The results of the non destructive or the destructive testing are also provided, as required by the customer’s specifications, upon delivery of the forged products.

Philadelphia Forgings is based in the Northeast region of the Unites States and serves customers all over the country, though our customer base is concentrated in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. When you need superior forged products, parts, and components, contact Philadelphia Forgings. Please refer to our Request a Quote for Forgings page for more information, or visit the Forging Capabilities and General Forging Materials pages to learn more about the types of high quality products that Philadelphia Forgings supplies.