Upset Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings is a national forgings supplier. As such, all of our products are forged from high quality stock, whether standard or exotic. Additionally, we are proud to provide our customers with the forgings that meet their exact specifications or requirements. One of the processes that Philadelphia Forgings relies on to meet customers’ expectations for quality is called upset forging.

What is Upset Forging?

Performed on bar stock, upset forging decreases the length of the stock and increases its cross-section. High pressures deform the metal and force material into a designated area of the bar. The material is shaped into tools such as bolts, pinions, drill rods, and other objects where high strength is a necessity. Upset forging refines the mechanical properties by re-orienting the grain flow to the shape of the tool. The result is a component which is inherently stronger than that which has been cast, welded, or machined.

Benefits of Upset Forgings

The act of upset forging breaks up the cast structure of the material, aligns the grain flow, and eliminates weaknesses in the material, such as microshrinkage, gas porosity, and areas of low density. Rods, pinions, bolts, and other components created through upset forging exhibit better levels of strength and soundness. Upset forged components resist deformation and breakage during use. These characteristics make them ideal for applications where high performance is a must.

Materials Used for Upset Forging

Philadelphia Forgings supplies a wide variety of forgings. Our forgings are produced from materials such as aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, Inconel®, titanium alloy, superalloys, and many more. To see the complete listing of materials or to learn more about their metallurgical properties, please visit our forging materials section.

Although a major nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings serves customers primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. No matter where your company is based, we will gladly supply the forgings in the quantities you need on-time and for a competitive price. Call today to learn more or visit the Request a Quote for Forgings page.