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Based in Eastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Forgings is a leading forgings supplier. Open die forging, closed die forging, rolled rings, hand forging, and crankshaft forging – no matter what you require, Philadelphia Forgings is your forgings resource.

Forging Capabilities
As a leading forgings supplier of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, Philadelphia Forgings provides the superior products you need. Our forgings provide high strengths and long service lives for a cost-effective price that cannot be met by our competitors.

Open Die Forgings
As a leading forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings is pleased to offer many products forged through the open die forging process. Open die forging is a type of hot forging and is used most commonly to produce larger and simpler parts.

Closed Die Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a preferred supplier of exceptional forgings created through the closed die forging process. Closed die forging is known as impression die forging because it offers three dimensional control.

Seamless Rolled Rings
Philadelphia Forgings is a preferred supplier of seamless rolled rings and other superior forgings. Serving customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and across the nation, Philadelphia Forgings offers seamless rolled rings with enhanced densities and aligned grain flow.

Hand Forgings
Sometimes called flat die or open die forging, hand forging uses flat or simple contour dies to work heated metal into a specific shape. A nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings, offers many types of hand forged products in weights up to 80,000 pounds.

Upset Forgings
We are proud to provide our customers with the forgings that meet their exact specifications or requirements. One of the processes that Philadelphia Forgings relies on to meet customers’ expectations for quality is called upset forging.

Value Added Forging Services
As a leading forging supplier to the nation, Philadelphia Forgings is happy to provide value added services to make procuring forgings as easy and as cost-effective as possible. Whether you are based in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or anywhere in the United States, you can benefit from value added process capabilities.

Heat Treatment for Metal Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings supplies high quality forgings that have undergone value added processes such as heat treatment. Heat treatment refers to a group of services that alter the strength and hardness of the metal forging, whether it is a stainless steel forging, carbon steel forging, aluminum forging, titanium forging, etc.

Rough Machining for Metal Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings commits to providing customers across the nation with superior forgings. One of the value added processes Philadelphia Forgings supplies is rough machining for forgings such as bars, blocks, hubs, step-down shafts, and forged rings to near net shapes.

Prices Quoted
As reliable nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings quotes competitive prices and delivery times for forged products, rough machined forgings, heat treatment of forgings, and certification of forgings to the requested specification.

Specifications for Metal Forgings
As a preferred forging supplier to the nation, Philadelphia Forgings takes pride in being a reliable resource for metal forgings that meet ASTM, AMS, military, and proprietary customer specifications.

Testing & Certification for Forging Quality
As a preferred nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings strives to provide customers with the highest possible quality of forged products. Through a series of non destructive testing as well as destructive testing services, Philadelphia Forgings is able to guarantee exceptional forgings, whether they are stainless steel forgings, titanium forgings, aluminum forgings, etc.

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No matter where in the United States your company is based, Philadelphia Forgings supplies the exact forgings you need.

High Quality Forged Products Materials
As a preferred forgings supplier to the nation as well as to regional areas including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, Philadelphia Forgings ensures that customers receive only the highest quality forged products.

Alloy Steel Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a nationwide supplier of exceptional forged products. One of the most important materials included in Philadelphia Forgings forged product line is alloy steel.

Aluminum Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is pleased to supply products forged from a variety of materials, including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and more. Aluminum is an excellent material for forged products because it provides an excellent combination of low weight, high strength, and aesthetic appearance.

Carbon Steel Forgings
Carbon steel forgings encompass an important part of Philadelphia Forgings’s product line because they exhibit strength, fatigue resistance, ductility, hardenability, and other mechanical properties.

Copper Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a leading supplier of forged products in a number of materials including alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel as well as non ferrous metals such as copper. Copper forgings and copper alloy forgings are often used in the building industry as well as in marine applications due to their corrosion resistant and biostatic nature.

Inconel Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a reliable nationwide supplier of highly-quality forged products. Inconel® forgings compose an important component of our extensive supply of exceptional forgings.

Invar Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings supplies customers around the nation with high-quality forged products, such as Invar® forgings, which are unique products in our line. With one of the lowest thermal expansion coefficients, Invar® is useful in a number of applications that require high levels of precision and accuracy.

Monel Forgings
Offering a number of corrosion-resistant forgings, which include stainless steel forgings, titanium forgings, nickel alloy forgings, and others, Philadelphia Forgings is proud to supply Monel® forgings for applications that require parts or components that exhibit excellent levels of strength as well as corrosion resistance.

Nickel Alloy Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings customer base extends from regional areas including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey to locations across the United States. One of the materials that makes filling this commitment possible is nickel alloy. Forgings in nickel alloy demonstrate controlled thermal expansion properties as well as resistance to corrosion and heat deformation.

Stainless Steel Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a forging supplier serving a nationwide customer base that localizes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. As a leading forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings is proud to offer forged products in stainless steel, including duplex stainless steel.

Superalloy Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings supplies forgings in high quality materials such as nickel-based superalloys. Also known as high performance alloys, superalloys are valued for their retention of yield strength during prolonged exposure to high temperatures as well as their resistance to creep and oxidation.

Titanium Forgings
As one of the preferred forging suppliers for the United States, Philadelphia Forgings provides high-quality titanium forgings that are useful in a number of applications. A lighter alternative to steel, titanium forgings exhibit excellent levels of corrosion resistance as well as exceptional high strength to low weight ratios.

Tool Steel Forgings
Philadelphia Forgings is a national supplier of high quality forged products including stainless steel forgings, alloy steel forgings, and carbon steel forgings. Tool steel, which represents a composite class of selected alloy steel and carbon steel grades, is an important component of our forgings supply.

Contact Information for Philadelphia Forgings
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