Seamless Rolled Ring Forgings

Seamless rolled rings are one of many products available in the forging industry. One of their many perks is their versatility, since they are used throughout a number of industries. From mining, power generation, and paper making, ring forgings are not only diverse, but dependable. These rings can be used in valves, couplings, clutches, and more.

Seamless rolled rings can be made out of an assortment of materials such as forged steel, titanium, and aluminum alloy. Ring forging is done by using the open die forging process, which allows the rings to be any size you need. A hole is created in the starting stock so the piece can be placed in the ring mill. The forging dies used in this process rounds, spreads, and processes metal, which gives a seamless rolled ring its strength and aligned grain flow.

Using a variety of rolls, the seamless rolled ring forging undergoes pressure and the diameter will begin to increase and the height of the ring is controlled. The process is complete once the rolled ring is the correct size.

Advantages of Rolled Ring Forgings

Seamless rolled rings are made using the open die forging process, which reinforces the work piece and gives it a long service life. With an aligned grain flow and minimized defects, seamless rolled rings allow for less breakdowns and down time. This ring rolling process also provides for a smoother and more consistent product. This product is also very cost-effective thanks to the open die process since the diameters do not need to be burned or machined.

Local and National Forgings Supplier

Philadelphia Forgings has been a leader in supplying high quality forgings to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and nationwide. We provide seamless rolled rings forgings, hand forgings, upset forgings, and both open and closed die forgings in many shapes and sizes. Whether you need a small two inches inside diameter ring or a 20-foot outside diameter ring, Philadelphia Forgings will accommodate all of your forging needs.