Advantages of Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel Rolled Rings

Heavy-duty industrial work requires strong parts, and that's exactly what is achieved with precipitation hardened stainless steel rolled rings. Nuclear, aerospace, and oil and gas industries are very demanding and require strength, durability, and long service life to prevent breakdown times. These forgings provide the moderate corrosion resistance, strength, and customization options needed in these high-demand industries. Because precipitation hardened stainless steel experiences diminished distortion, it makes these forgings ideal for parts that call for welding and machining. The combination of using the ring rolling forging process with precipitation hardened stainless steel contributes to the forgings' benefits. Using the rolled ring process allows for a smoother product, enhanced concentricity, and cost-effectiveness.

Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel

The strength obtained through precipitation strengthening stainless steel is attained by a low-temperature heat treatment. This process prevents the distortion of accurately-shaped parts. The composition of the stainless steel remains balanced during this heat treating method through the aging treatment. Precipitation hardening, also known as age hardening, allows the stainless steel to precipitate intermetallic compounds. This process hardens the martensite, which is a crystal structure that occurs when stainless steel is rapidly cooled.

Stainless Steel Rolled Rings

These forgings are created using the ring rolling process, which can produce flat rings to tall, tubular forgings. Rolling mills are utilized in the creation of rolled ring forgings. The fabrication method begins with a round preform, with a hole in the middle, that was made using the open die forging process. This part, known as the "donut," is heated and positioned over the idler. The idler constantly moves closer to a drive roll using pressure. This step decreases the thickness of the ring.

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