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Open Die Forgings at Philadelphia Forgings

Benefits of Precipitation Hardened Open Die Forgings

In industries such as defense, aerospace, and offshore oil and gas, strength and corrosion resistance are some of the many important qualities needed in the parts they use. Using forgings that are made with metals that have been precipitation hardened provides the strength and longevity needed to excel as well as prevent breakdowns. Precipitation hardening is a type of heat treatment that allows the metal to have exceptional high-temperature strength. These characteristics are all achieved at a low temperature, which prevents distortion of the forging.

Producing forgings using precipitation strengthened materials, using the open die process, contributes further to their durability and long service life. This method of forging not only manipulates the metal to a desired shape, but it also yields an aligned grain flow, which adds to the forging's strength.

Precipitation Hardening Process

The strength acquired through the precipitation hardening process can be attained in two ways: precipitation heat treatment and solution heat treating. Precipitation strengthening is also known as age hardening because heat treating is performed over time. Alloys must be kept at a higher temperature to let them precipitate. Solution heat treating involves adding aluminum, copper, molybdenum and titanium, either together or separately.

Open Die Forging Method

Once the material to be used for the forging has been precipitation hardened, higher durability is gained through the open die process. This technique uses two flat dies, which never confines the metal, and skillful pressing or hammering to attain the desired shape. The open die forging process is ideal for custom shaped forgings, but is also great for standard shapes.

Supplier of Precipitation Hardened Open Die Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings provides precipitation hardened open die forgings, no matter what size or shape you need. From Pennsylvania to across the U.S., we have been supplying businesses with high-quality forgings to meet their needs for many years. Give us a call today to learn more about our precipitation hardened open die forgings and the vast supply we offer.


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