Open Die Forgings

As a leading forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings is pleased to offer many products forged through the open die forging process. Open die forging is a type of hot forging and is used most commonly to produce larger and simpler parts. Open die forging produces parts that exhibit high strength, soundness, homogeneity, flow line characteristics, and durability; today open die forgings are produced in weights that range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds.

What is Open Die Forging?

Open die forging is a process where the material is not confined laterally as in closed die forging; it is instead performed between two flat dies that have no impression made in them. In open die forging, the movement of the work piece is instrumental to forging the metal into the proper shape. Depending on the capabilities of the forging shop, the size of open die forgings is limited only by the size of the original stock. Philadelphia Forgings offers open die forgings in weights ranging up to 80,000 pounds.

Materials Used for Open Die Forging

Many types of metals can be forged through the open die process, however, among the most common are carbon steel and alloy steel as well as stainless steel, copper alloy, high temperature alloy, Inconel®, and many more. To see all of the materials that are available through Philadelphia Forgings, please visit the forged materials section.

Benefits of the Open Die Forgings
  • Develops High Strength
  • Has a Long Service Life
  • Decreases Porosity
  • Aligns Grain Flow
  • Achieves Fine Grain Structure
  • Improves Mechanical Properties
  • Can Forge Extremely Large Products

Products created through open die forging are inherently superior in strength and durability than parts that are machined or welded. Open die forging changes the metal to the desired shape while breaking up the cast structure and producing finer grains. Furthermore, low density areas, microshrinkage, and gas porosity are consolidated which improves the mechanical properties, enhances the density, and aligns the grain flow. Advanced forging shops can produce unique shapes, making open die forging an excellent choice for providing custom metal parts.

Trust Philadelphia Forgings for superior products created with open die forging. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, we serve clients in national and regional areas including eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our high quality forgings are sure to meet your needs, no matter the specifications of your product or subsystem. Call today to learn about our superior products.