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Open Die Forgings at Philadelphia Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings is a Leading Supplier of Open Die Forging Products

As the world's most ancient metalworking technique, forging still offers greater performance than cast or welded components, and Philadelphia Forgings is a leading supplier of open die forging products for the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

The open die forging process begins with a heated piece of metal alloy. The work piece is taken out of the oven, having been heated to a temperature between 1900 and 2300 F, and placed between a top and bottom die. Skilled workmen keep the work piece in place while the top die pounds it into shape. These modern machines update the technology of the anvil, but the open die forging process is still fundamentally the same, and produces the same desired results. Open die forging products have a greatly reduced porosity, and possess a finer and more uniform grain structure, making it stronger and more resistant to wear. The open die forging process also produces less waste than other fabrication methods. Aligned grain flow improves mechanical properties and out performs most any equivalent product using other fabrication methods.

Philadelphia Forgings is a highly experienced manufacturer, with open die forgings capabilities that include the fabrication of large components made to precise specifications in a wide variety of metals and metal alloys. The most common are carbon steel and alloy steel as well as stainless steel, copper alloy, high temperature alloy, Inconel®, and more. Philadelphia Forgings maintains an extensive inventory of metal alloys, and can order any specialty materials that might be required.

In addition to open die forging products, Philadelphia Forgings also provides closed die forgings, rolled rings, hand forgings and upset forgings, with swift and efficient delivery. Whether you are looking for the best open die forgings capabilities or some other type of forging products, look to Philadelphia Forgings as the premier forgings supplier in Philadelphia.

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