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Forging Capabilities: Seamless Rolled Rings at Philadelphia Forgings

High Temperature Alloy Seamless Rolled Ring Forgings

There are a variety of work environments that require heavy duty, reliable, and high-performance parts to endure such intense settings. Extreme temperatures call for parts made of materials that will not fail in these conditions. High temperature alloy seamless rolled ring forgings are made to withstand temperature changes, which are seen in aerospace, cryogenics, and power generation applications. Philadelphia Forgings provides the seamless rolled ring forgings your industry needs to succeed and minimize downtime, all while reducing costs.

Types of High Temperature Alloys

Our seamless rolled rings are made out of a number of high temperature alloys, which allow you to select the best material for your application.

Nickel Alloys resist heat deformation and corrosion, and offers controlled thermal expansion characteristics. A higher amount of chromium in nickel alloys helps keep the forging's shape during extended heat exposure. This high temperature nickel alloy is also corrosion resistant, which also makes it ideal for fresh or sea water environments. A metal's thermal expansion features are enhanced by nickel, which contributes to its low thermal expansion control or expansion predictability. Philadelphia Forgings offers numerous types of nickel alloys, including Inconel.

Invar, which is made by Imphy Alloys, is made from a number of elements. This nickel iron alloy is made up of 64% iron and 36% nickel, but it also has a small percentage of manganese, silicon, and carbon. The combination of all of these elements adds to Invar's very low thermal coefficiency. This material is also very strong, pliable, and durable and resists stress corrosion cracking, especially during extreme temperature change.

Superalloys, also known as high performance alloys, are ideal for high-temperature situations as they are resistant to oxidation, corrosion, creep deformation, and stress cracking. Items made out of these superalloys also retain their yield strength. This nickel-based superalloy is best for aerospace and power-generation applications. Philadelphia Forgings has an assortment of superalloy grades, such as Waspaloy, Hastelloy, and Incoloy.

Philadelphia Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings has been providing seamless rolled rings and other forgings to customers for many years. No matter what your forging needs may be or what industry you are a part of, Philadelphia Forgings is your local and national forging supplier. Call or email us today to learn more about our forging inventory or to submit a request for quotation.


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