Hand Forgings

Sometimes called flat die or open die forging, hand forging uses flat or simple contour dies to work heated metal into a specific shape. A nationwide forgings supplier, Philadelphia Forgings, offers many types of hand forged products in weights up to 80,000 pounds. Philadelphia Forgings is proud to supply the hand forgings you need, whether you are based in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, or other regional and national areas.

What is Hand Forging?

Hand forging is a method of forging that shapes metal according to the movement of the workpiece. The metal is worked between two flat or simple contour dies with repeated strokes while the workpiece is continually manipulated. Because the metal is not laterally confined, the movement of the workpiece and the dies is essential to reaching the desired shape.

Materials Used for Hand Forging

Different types of metal can be shaped through hand forging. The most common types of metal include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, Inconel®, high temperature alloys, titanium, and more. We offer hand forgings in many other types of materials; to view them all please visit the forged materials section.

Benefits of Hand Forgings
  • High Strength
  • Long Service Life
  • Decreased Porosity
  • Aligns Grain Flow
  • Fine Grain Structure
  • Better Mechanical Properties

Parts and tools created through hand forging are superior to those created by machining, welding, or casting. Hand forging alters the cast structure of the metal and produces more refined, unbroken grain structures while working the metal into the desired shape. As a result, forged tools and parts have improved mechanical properties through decreased porosity, aligned grain flow, and increased strength. Hand forging is also capable of producing extremely large forgings and achieving the unique shapes requested in custom jobs.

Philadelphia Forgings is one of the most reliable suppliers of superior forgings in the Northeast. Call us today to learn more. Regardless of your product or system’s requirement, our forgings can meet your needs and exceed your expectations in regards to impact strength, service life, and fatigue resistance.