Tool Steel Forging

Philadelphia Forgings is a national supplier of high quality forged products including stainless steel forgings, alloy steel forgings, and carbon steel forgings. Tool steel, which represents a composite class of selected alloy steel and carbon steel grades, is an important component of our forgings supply.

Properties of Tool Steel Forgings

Tool steels may also fit into the classes of alloy steels or carbon steels. Containing a higher amount of carbon (between 0.7% and 1.4%) that contributes to toughness, strength, and impact resistance, tool steels are used to manufacture forged products that must retain a cutting edge. These products must also resist abrasion and deformation in elevated temperatures or by edge heat or pressure. Generally, higher carbon content translates to better retention of the forging’s cutting edge in response to edge heat; higher carbon forgings are often used to manufacture stamping dies or machining tools such as drill bits or end mills. The many desirable mechanical properties of tool steel forgings are brought about by heat treatment which is sometimes followed by water or oil quenching. The rapid quenching of the material is sometimes followed by tempering which restores the part’s ductility and forms a higher degree of toughness.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies high quality forged products to customers in regional locations such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, as well as other national areas. Tool steel represents only a portion of Philadelphia’s Forgings extensive inventory; to learn about other materials used, please visit the Forging Materials page, or go to the Forgings Capabilities to learn about the processes, such as close die steel forging, that create our exceptional products.

Philadelphia Forgings provides customers with tool steel forgings in the following grades:
  • A2, A6, A9, A18, A19
  • D2, D3, D5, D7
  • H11, H12, H13, H21
  • L6
  • M2, M3, M4, M42
  • O1, O2, O6
  • S5, S7
  • These tool steel grades contain alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, and others, each of which result in different mechanical properties. Common forgings formed from tool steel include molding, casting, and stamping dies, metal trimmers or shears, wear plates as well as any other part that requires wear, fatigue, and abrasion resistance.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies high quality forgings to customers around the United States. In addition to alloy steel forgings, Philadelphia Forgings offers products in a number of other materials including carbon steel forgings and titanium forgings. Please visit the Forging Materials page to learn more.