Superalloy Forging

Philadelphia Forgings supplies forgings in high quality materials such as nickel-based superalloys. Also known as high performance alloys, superalloys are valued for their retention of yield strength during prolonged exposure to high temperatures as well as their resistance to creep and oxidation. The forgings available at Philadelphia Forgings can be used for demanding applications such as turbine-based power generation or aerospace operations.

Philadelphia Forgings is a nationwide supplier of the following grades of nickel-based superalloy forgings
  • INCOLOY®. With a high yield strength, Incoloy® is also able to resist damage by oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation even in high-temperature environments or in the presence of concentrated acids. The addition of chromium is responsible for characteristics such as corrosion resistance; however, it is the nickel base that imparts ductility that helps many Incoloy® alloy forgings resist stress cracking and scaling.
  • WASPALOY® An age-hardenable material, Waspaloy® provides excellent yield strength in high temperatures and resists damage by oxidation. Useful in temperatures up to 1600o F, Waspaloy® forgings are often used for rotating applications, such as in turbines, and perform remarkably well in gas combustion environments.
  • HASTELLOY® C, HASTELLOY® C-22, HASTELLOY® C-276, HASTELLOY® X. Hastelloy® is a superalloy known not just for resistance to heat temperature but also for resistance to corrosion in freshwater as well as saltwater applications. Some grades of Hastelloy® are known for resistance to stress cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion, while others are known for resistance to chloride, acid, saltwater, and chemical attack.

Properties of Superalloy Forgings

Nickel-based superalloy forgings are valued for their ability to retain yield strength during exposure to extremely high temperatures. Additions of elements such as niobium, chromium, titanium, and aluminum also make alloys such as Incoloy®, Waspaloy®, and Hastelloy® extremely resistant to oxidation, corrosion, stress cracking, and creep deformation. Superalloy forgings are extremely useful in applications that demand high performance but that also generate a fair amount of heat. Gas-based power generation uses turbines that rely on forged superalloy components; jet turbines, similarly, utilize superalloy forgings. Products forged from nickel-based superalloys can also be found in chemical processing plants, nuclear reactors, submarines, and large engines, such as those used in rockets.

No matter where in the United States your company is based, Philadelphia Forgings is proud to supply the high quality superalloy forged products necessary for demanding applications. Superalloy forgings represent only a small offering of the many superior parts and components available at Philadelphia Forgings. To discover our other types of forgings, please visit the Forging Materials section, or refer to the Request a Quote for Forgings page .