Monel Forging

Philadelphia Forgings supplies forged products to customers based primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or anywhere in the United States. Offering a number of corrosion-resistant forgings, which include stainless steel forgingstitanium forgings, nickel alloy forgings, and others, Philadelphia Forgings is proud to supply Monel® forgings for applications that require parts or components that exhibit excellent levels of strength as well as corrosion resistance.

Properties of Monel® Forgings

Monel® refers to a trademarked class of stainless, rust-resistant metals which are primarily a combination of nickel and copper.

Philadelphia Forgings offers several types of Monel® which include:
  • MONEL® 400. Resistant to a variety of corrosive media, including salt water and concentrated acids, Monel® 400 forgings exhibit good ductility and tensile strength.
  • MONEL® 500. Containing aluminum and titanium for increased strength and toughness, Monel® K 500 forgings are age hardenable, and able to provide high fatigue and wear resistance.

Because of its excellent corrosion resistant characteristics in the presence of salt water, acids, alkalines (bases), and a variety of other caustic media, Monel® forgings are often used in marine applications or chemical processing operations. Monel® K 500 can be forged into propeller shafts for various types of watercraft as well as seawater pump shafts and impellers. Products forged from Monel® K 500 are found in the storage, transport, and processing equipment for organic acids as well as dry or caustic chloride. Monel® 400 forgings are often found in marine applications as pipes, valves, pump shafts, fittings, and fasteners, or as heat exchangers for the power generation industry as well as other industries. They are especially valuable for the processing of chemicals and hydrocarbons.

Contact Philadelphia Forgings today for the superior Monel® forgings necessary for the success of a variety of marine and chemical operations. Philadelphia Forgings also offers products that have been forged from superalloys as well as other proprietary metals such as Inconel® and Invar®.