Machine Shops

Machine shops are the quintessential manufacturing businesses in the United States and Canada. In these two countries alone, there are 45,000 shops. Machine shops have to be dependable, and therefore need reliable materials to continue production with little to no downtime. Philadelphia Forgings supplies the forgings needed to live up to these standards. From various materials to an assortment of sizes, Philadelphia Forgings provide machine shops in the local and national markets with quality forgings, all from a single source.

Philadelphia Forgings provides the following parts:
  • Disc Forgings
  • Seamless Rolled Ring Forgings
  • Sleeve Forgings
  • Flange Forgings
  • Shaft Forgings
  • Seamless Contoured Ring Forgings
  • Block Forgings
  • Step Shaft Forgings
  • Pinion Forgings
  • and many more

Forgings are highly customizable, which make them ideal for any application. The high quality products that Philadelphia Forgings supplies provides consumers with the option of having them "as forged" or rough machined. Their improved directional grain flow provides the strength and fatigue resistance needed to endure in the machine shop industry. A forged part removes internal voids, which produces ultimate structural integrity and eliminates part rejections. Forgings are also very cost effective, and since they are closer to near net shapes, material waste is reduced.

Philadelphia Forgings has been providing machine shops with forged parts for many years. From Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, nationwide and worldwide, we have supplied strong, reliable forgings for a variety of industries. Call or email us today for more information on our forging inventory, or to have us prepare a quote.