Hydro Power Component

The hydropower industry has been growing the past few years to become one of the leading sources of renewable energy generation in the country. The more popular it becomes, the more people rely on its power production. This means that the parts used to generate power needs to be more reliable than ever.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies the following parts for the hydropower industry:
  • Seal Ring Forgings
  • Sleeve Valve Forgings
  • Roller Forgings
  • Connector Arm Forgings
  • Turbine Shaft Forgings
  • Wicket Gate Shaft Forgings
  • Turbine hub bushing Forgings for Bulb-type and Kaplan Turbines
  • and many more

Forgings are used throughout the hydropower generation system, which helps accommodate this industry's very high demands. A forging's performance capabilities as well as their long service life helps the hydropower industry to flourish. These forgings have impeccable structural strength due to their consolidated ingot center. This feature minimizes the occurrence of internal voids, which can lead to field failures.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies the forgings that feature all of these qualities, from strength to part reliability. We have provided forgings for the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware area for almost ten years. Philadelphia Forgings also provides their inventory nationwide. Call or email us today to learn about our vast inventory of forgings for the hydropower industry.